This is a Maintenance free wall system. The wall product is 3” Thick of super compressed ridged insulation. The wall is a patented “Dual Density Acousti- Soft” wall that is dent and damage resistant, also making this wall kid friendly. This is a wall that never needs to be painted. The outer covering feels like a fabric. The outer covering is a polyolefin material that was originally developed by “DuPont” with all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). The material is scratch resistant; holding up to a rough scratch with a pin! Without damage! The wall material is a self healing bi-weave that can be punctured by a pin or a dart and typically self heals; if a small hole is maid the material can be vigorously scratched with your fingernail, and the hole disappears. The material is a breathable synthetic. The synthetic fibers will not absorb smell and will not absorb color. The material and outer covering are stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with straight bleach or the magic eraser. The system comes with an easy to follow cleaning guide that shows what detergents to use for each specific stain. There are NO nail pops to worry about or cracks or warping as you will find with traditional building methods; especially in the basement, where the damp environment makes conventional building methods prone to these defects and problems.