Mold grows and thrives in dark, damp places. The basement environment is a perfect place. In between the concrete wall and the back side of Drywall or hard board products is an area with NO ventilation which causes condensation to build causing the area to become a stagnant environment… Mold is like an animal that feeds on food. Anything that is organic or cellulose based will do. Especially the back side of Drywall. Drywall is nothing more than 2 pieces of paper with gypsum in between.  Mold also grows on other products like wood studs and paper faced insulation. Most all Basements are mostly or completely underground. Homes are built on concrete foundations because concrete is strong and hard like a rock, but it is porous like a sponge, allowing the basement area to naturally breathe. The process is a natural and constant flow of moisture vapor and air that passes thru the ground and thru the concrete wall; and then this moisture and air flows back out of the basement and into the ground. It is a natural emission. Our Basement Living System DOES NOT provide any source of food for mold to feed on.
The “Acousti-soft” wall construction is made to breathe freely as the basement should.
This allows moisture vapor and air to pass directly thru the wall keeping the basement breathable, and
keeping the wall air dry. If the wall does get wet; it is easily disassembled by hand with no tools, the
wall panels can then simply air dry and are easily re-installed.

Mold - Discovery Channel Mold in your Basement

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