Damon & Dawn Calabrese - Bridgeton, NJ Click here to see Original Document

Dear Tom
I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Basement Living Systems install our newly found living space in our basement.
After first meeting with a representative from Owens Corning and having them present us with a contract after a 3 hour presentation and
then trying the tactics of: if you sign tonight I will deduct 3%. just does not sit well with us.

Our next meeting was with Basement Living Systems which is where in our home we met both you and Tom. I really must commend the both
of you for showing us your product and how you would make our dreams and visions come to life in an easy and friendly presentation.
Not to mention that you offered us 4 colors and not 1and that your R-value was higher and your T-tracks are flush and not protruding ¾".

Lastly, I really need to thank your crew who were in our home for there extreme thoughtfulness arid for leaving the work area spotless every night.
All of our friends and family cannot believe the transformation.

Thanks Again:
Damon & Dawn Calabrese.

Calabrese Home
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Ron & Robin Goebel - Mount Laurel, NJ Click here to see Original Document

Dear Tom

We had an image of what we wanted the basement to look like, and you made that image a reality. We are thrilled with our new basement by Basement Living Systems. Not only were you professional at all times, the workmanship in our new basement was excellent. The attention to detail by Tommy and his men ·attributes· to the beauty of this new room.

Tommy's scheduling was like clockwork with workers arriving each day ready to move to the next step. Everyday after they left, the basement was clean and orderly. We felt comfortable having them in our home while we weren’t there.

Not only are the walls beautiful, the product used for the walls and ceilings has reduced sound coming from the basement tremendously. We look forward to many years of enjoyment in our new basement by Basement Living Systems.

Ron and Robin Goebel

Goebel Home
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Bryan Lloyd - Mullica Hill, NJ Click here to see Original Document

Basement Recommendation

We were recently looking to finish a portion of our basement. An ad for Basement Living Systems caught our eye and we made the call. From the initial visit to the finished product our experience was a great one.

The presentation impressed us; it was easy to see the quality of the wall system, and the cost was right in line. When the actual work began, the crew that worked in our house for four weeks was top notch. The end result exceeded our expectations; we now have a new room in our home that we spend more time in than any other. We highly recommend Basement Living Systems to anyone considering refinishing a basement or adding livable space to their home.

Bryan Lloyd

Lloyd Home
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Lisa & Gary Prell - Newtown, PA Click here to see Original Document

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as letter of recommendation for Joe Larkin and his business: Basement Living Systems located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

My husband and I discussed finishing our basement for several years, and always put it off because of horror stories from friends and neighbors of hidden costs, time frames that were constantly drug out, unethical business practices, et al. Our family also has chronic allergy and sinus issues so finding someone to finish our basement that could overcome our fears and other issues seemed impossible.

When reaching companies in our area, I came upon Basement Living Systems. It seemed to have everything we were looking for, a concrete time line for the project, bonded professional workers, all costs stated up front, and materials that would work well with our medical concerns. A short time after sending in our contact information, Basement Living Systems called and set up an appointment to meet with my husband and myself.

The owner of the company, who did not have to "call and check with someone" as to details, prices, "deals" and "special offers". In short, we were talked through the whole process, given several references, and followed through with professionally without being given the run around. We were impressed with his down to earth manner, and his truthful approach. He patiently addressed our concerns and provided all the information he could. What's more, when he couldn't answer some questions concerning possible electrical issues, he brought in an electrician at his own expense to help us figure out what our best options were. Now, I am pleased to tell you that we have the basement we have always dreamed of. In fact, it was completed in about 2 weeks, looks beautiful, and is a place where my family will be making many memories for years to come. His associates, came to our home, on time, every day, were polite, clean, organized and very professional.

They cleaned up daily, and I was surprised that we did not have any of the dust or mess friends have encountered with similar projects. Step, by step, our basement was finished and completed, exactly as stated, and it is even more beautiful than we envisioned. I am proud and pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Basement Living Systems. People always tell you: "If it sounds too good to be true, walk away, it isn't real." I can state, without hesitation, that Basement Living Systems delivers all that and more. It delivers peace of mind and a feeling that integrity still exists in the world of contracting.

My husband and I would be most pleased to speak with you personally to answer any questions or other concerns that were not addressed in this letter. Please feel free to call us anytime to discuss why Basement Living Systems is your answer to a beautiful new basement!

Sincerely yours,
Lisa and Gary Prell

Prell Home
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